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PET Sentence Transformations

1: My sister enjoys playing volleyball.2: Her team won last week's match.3: "You've done very well" said the captain to the team.4: There are three teams at her school.5: She was chosen for the team two years ago.6: The girls' team has won more matches than the boys'.7: There is a good film on at our local cinema.8: Our local cinema hasn't shown it before.9: The main star is very popular.10: In the film, he is bitten on the nose by a snake.11: The film ends with an exciting car chase.12: The flight lasted three hours.13: The airport bus is cheaper than a taxi.14: They sell duty-free goods in the departure lounge.15: There is a post office in the main building.16: The Hotel Atlanta belongs to one of the airlines.17: The Happy Traveller café is very unpopular.18: The hospital is near the city centre.19: The doctor hasn't enough time to see you now.20: The new hospital is bigger than the old one.21: The doctor is not available on Sundays.22: You don't need an appointment on Saturdays.23: You should take these tablets after meals.24: My parents prefer jazz to classical music.25: My brother is older than me.26: My friends only go swimming at the weekend.27: If I finish my work I can go out at weekends.28: My sister watches more TV than me.29: My parents are annoyed by pop music.30: My grandmother lives a long way from the market.31: When she has to walk to the market she finds it tiring.32: She is often driven to the market by her neighbour.33: There are many types of coffee there.34: She asked an assistant how much the coffee cost.35: The Colombian coffee cost less than the Kenyan one.36: Dave and Jane have been to the cinema together.37: It was very crowded in the cinema.38: Jane had a worse seat than Dave.39: Jane was sitting behind a tall man.40: Dave said that he had seen the film before.41: They spent two hours in the cinema.42: The nurses' home is behind the hospital.43: My appointment with Dr Gibson is at ten o'clock.44: This office belongs to Dr Gibson.45: She told me to take off my shoes.46: "It would be a good idea to take some more exercise."47: The next patient was not strong enough to stand up.48: They make cars in Oxford.49: "I've just seen a ghost," Arthur said50: "Do you play tennis?" I asked the girl.51: I started living here years ago.52: This school has got 0 students.53: The council have changed the road system.54: "We're going for a walk at lunchtime" she said.55: They asked me:"Are you thinking of going abroad?"56: When did you start this job?57: There are three classrooms in this building.58: This book was written by Sir Arthur.59: "How long have you been studying English?" She asked him.60: How long have you been a vegetarian?61: There is space for ten people to sit.62: Some exams are marked by a computer.63: He told me he had never seen such a terrible accident.64: "Will you tell them about your homework?" said the teacher.65: She has been driving since she was eighteen.66: Some students are playing tennis today.67: You can't smoke in here.68: The Nile is longer than the Thames.69: If he doesn't come by five, I'm going home.70: It's late, I'd better go.71: Most of the buses have gone.72: Cats swim faster than dogs.73: We mustn't copy during the test.74: Keith is stronger than me.75: Unless we find a solution we're going to lose it.76: You'd better talk to the police.77: Nearly all the beach was black from the oil.78: Feed your pets before a long journey.79: When I was young I kicked cats.80: Passengers aren't allowed to walk across the lines.81: They've lived here longer than us.82: Most of the milk was too sour to drink.83: You can't do that.84: "Abrazos rotos" was directed by Almodovar.85: Who does this book belong to ?86: "What time does the match start?" he asked.87: "Where is your wife today, Johnny?"88: I might work abroad this summer.89: "They came late last night", she said to her husband.90: Ana is going to buy a new car.91: The princess is very popular.92: "Have a nice day!" said the teacher.93: I prefer playing tennis to playing squash.94: It's too cold to play tennis.95: There are only a few squash courts in this town.96: If you don't play every week, you won't improve your tennis.97: Why don't you join a tennis club?98: I haven't been to a tennis match for a long time.99: Niko really enjoys playing basketball.100: Last year, Niko was shown how to play basketball by his older brother.101: Niko joined the basketball team three years ago.102: Niko practises at a stadium quite near his house.103: Niko walks to the stadium in ten minutes.104: Niko's team had an important match last week.105: We had not been on a canal boat for two years.106: The sun shone every day of the boat trip.107: It took us a long time to decide where to go.108: The boat did not move very quickly down the river.109: We could not fish in many parts of the river.110: There was a small kitchen on the boat.111: We are very lucky that our neighbours are so nice.112: The kitchen needs painting.113: This house is larger than their old house.114: They said their old house was quite near London.115: I asked my new neighbours where they had lived before.116: My bedroom is too small for all my books.117: The flat has two bedrooms.118: This is the first time I've lived in a city.119: I started living here two months ago.120: My friend told me that I could stay in his flat.121: Maria lives a long way from her office.122: Yesterday she got up too late to catch the bus.123: Maria sometimes takes a taxi although it is expensive.124: Driving a car in the town centre is not allowed.125: It is a forty-minute bus journey to her office.126: Who does this van belong to?127: My car windscreen was broken by a stone.128: When I was young, I drove a small car.129: Check your tyres before a long journey.130: Large cars use more petrol than small cars.131: The elephants were my favourite animals.134: Maria suggested going to see the monkeys.135: We wore sun hats because it was very hot.136: The car park was outside the main entrance.137: We had a map but it was difficult to find the zoo.

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