Academia Fran Cambridge English Language Exam Preperation Centre

KET Homework (60 minutes)

Part 1: 5 Pairs of adjectives

angry : enfadadoquiet, glad : tranquilo, contento
anxious : inquietocalm : tranquilo
beautiful : bonitougly: feo
black : negrowhite : blanco
blonde : rubiobrown : moreno

Part 2. 10 New Verbs

You can combine the new verbs with the Tenses exercise in Part 3.

infinitivepast simplepast participleespañol
agree agreed agreed estar de acuerdo
arrive arrived arrived llegar
ask for asked for asked for pedir
believe believed believed creer
bounce bounced bounced botar
begin began begun empezar
break broke broken romper
burn burnt burnt quemar
fall (over) fell (over) fallen (over) caerse
feel felt felt sentir

Part 3: Interview

Write an interview up to question 12.

Part 4: Tenses 1 - 10

Tense affirmative negative interrogative
1. present simple You speak. You don't speak. Do you speak?
2. present continuous You are speaking. You aren't speaking. Are you speaking?
3. past continuous You were speaking. You weren't speaking. Were you speaking?
4. simple future You will speak. You won't speak. Will you speak?
5. going to future You are going to speak. You aren't going to speak. Are you going to speak?
6. near future You are speaking later. You aren't speaking later. Are you speaking later?
7. Conditional You would speak. You wouldn't speak. Would you speak?
8. past simple You spoke. You didn't speak. Did you speak?
9. Imperative Speak! Don't speak!
10. present perfect You have spoken. You haven't spoken. Have you spoken?

Part 5: Work book

Complete the exercises in your work book upto the same exercise as your student's book.

Part 6: Teacher's homework

Homework that your teacher has assigned.