Academia Fran Cambridge English Language Exam Preperation Centre

Flyers Interview

  1. Who is your favourite character?
    His name is Harry Potter.
  2. How old is he?
    He’s thirteen years old.
  3. Where is he from?
    He’s from England.
  4. How many brothers and sisters has he got?
    He hasn’t got any brothers or sisters.
  5. Where does he live?
    He lives in Hogwarts.
  6. What can he do?
    He can fly very well.
  7. What is he doing now?
    He’s talking to Ron.
  8. What was he doing yesterday?
    He was playing football.
  9. How many animals are there in his school?
    There are a lot of different animals.
  10. What did he do last summer?
    He went to Ron’s house.
  11. Did he have a nice time?
    Yes, he did.
  12. What is he going to do next year?
    He’s going to study magic in Hogwarts.

Good Luck!