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Irregular Verb: be

Present Simple

I amAm I?I 'm not
You areAre you?You aren't
He isIs he?He isn't
She isIs she?She isn't
It isIs it?It isn't
We areAre we?We aren't
They areAre they?They aren't

Past Simple

I wasWas I?I wasn't
You wereWere you?You weren't
He wasWas he?He wasn't
She wasWas she?She wasn't
It wasWas it?It wasn't
We wereWere we?We weren't
They wereWere they?They weren't

Present Continuous

I am beingAm I being?I'm not being
You are beingAre you being?You aren't being
He is beingIs he being?He isn't being
She is beingIs she being?She isn't being
It is beingIs it being?It isn't being
We are beingAre we being?We aren't being
They are beingAre they being?They aren't being

Past Continuous

I was beingWas I being?I wasn't being
You were beingWere you being?You weren't being
He was beingWas he being?He wasn't being
She was beingWas she being?She wasn't being
It was beingWas it being?It wasn't being
We were beingWere we being?We weren't being
They were beingWere they being?They weren't being

Present Perfect

I have beenHave I been?I haven't been
You have beenHave you been?You haven't been
He has beenHas he been?He hasn't been
She has beenHas she been?She hasn't been
It has beenHas it been?It hasn't been
We have beenHave we been?We haven't been
They have beenHave they been?They haven't been

Past Perfect

I had beenHad I been?I hadn't been
You had beenHad you been?You hadn't been
He had beenHad he been?He hadn't been
She had beenHad she been?She hadn't been
It had beenHad it been?It hadn't been
We had beenHad we been?We hadn't been
They had beenHad they been?They hadn't been

Simple Future

I will beWill I be?I won't be
You will beWill you be?You won't be
He will beWill he be?He won't be
She will beWill she be?She won't be
It will beWill it be?It won't be
We will beWill we be?We won't be
They will beWill they be?They won't be

Going To Future

I am going to beAm I going to be?I'm not going to be
You are going to beAre you going to be?You aren't going to be
He is going to beIs he going to be?He isn't going to be
She is going to beIs she going to be?She isn't going to be
It is going to beIs it going to be?It isn't going to be
We are going to beAre we going to be?We aren't going to be
They are going to beAre they going to be?They aren't going to be