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Connectors are linking words which join ideas and show how those ideas are related to one another. They also help us to organise our writing and make it easy for the reader to follow:

In general, I prefer watching a film at the cinema than watching one on TV. First of all, it is much more special when you leave your home to go and see a film. Moreover, you always see the latest films at the cinema. Many of my friends, on the other hand, like to watch videos or DVDs because they say it is much more comfortable to watch a film at home. Even though this is true, nothing, in my opinion, can replace the thrill of watching a film at the cinema. In short - don't be lazy - make the effort and go to the cinema!
Purpose Examples
To add points to the same topic and / in addition / furthermore/ moreover/ what's more / besides/ also / too
To describe a cause or reason because (of) / since / due to / for this reason / that is why / one - another reason for ... is
To describe a result so / therefore / consequently / thus / as a result / as a consequence
To show purpose in order (not) to / to / so as (not) to / so that
To express a contrast but / however / nevertheless / yet / still / although / even if / even though / in spite of / despite / whereas
To describe a similarity similarly / likewise / in the same way
To express personal opinions in my opinion / I (strongly) believe (that) / I think - feel (that) / in my view / it seems to me (that) / personally / as I see it
To describe reality in fact / as a matter of fact / actually / the truth is
To make general statements in general / generally as a rule / on the whole
To list points to beging - start with / in the first place / first of all / firstly, secondly, thirdly... / after that / then / next / finally / lastly
To give examples for example / fors instance / such as / especially / like / particularly / in particular / (more) specifically
To introduce opposing points on the one hand / on the other hand / in contrast / contrary to / it can also be argued that / but there are people who say (that)
To show sequence first / at first / in the beginning / next / then / later / meanwhile / after that / afterwards / at last / finally / in the end
To show time when / while / before / after / until / as soon as / by the time
To conclude in conclusion / to sum up / finally / in short