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Family Tree

family tree Michael is Betty and Katy's brother. Harry is Laura and Helen's brother. John is Helen's dad. Mary's daddy is David. Sally is Pat's daughter.
aunt Laura is William, Sarah and Jill's aunt.
Helen is Peter, Simon and Mary's aunt.
Katy is Thomas and Sally's aunt.
brother Peter and Simon are brothers.
Mary has two brothers, Peter and Simon.
Sarah and Jill have one brother, William.
Thomas is Sally's brother.
cousin Peter, Simon and Mary have three cousins. Their names are William, Sarah and Jill.
William has five cousins, Peter, Simon, Mary, Thomas and Sally.
father / dad / daddy John is Laura's father.
daughter Katy and Harry have two daughters. Their names are Sarah and Jill.
granddaughter grandfather / granddad / grandpa grandmother / grandma grandparents grandson husband married mother / mum / mummy parents sister son uncle wife