Academia Fran Cambridge English Language Exam Preperation Centre

Flyers Homework (40 - 45 minutes)

Part 1: 10 New Words

butterfly : mariposabiscuit : galleta
camel : camellobutter : mantequilla
dinosaur : dinosáurochocolate : chocolate
extinct : extintochopsticks : palillos (chinos)
fur : pelo (de animales)flour : harina

Part 2: 10 New Verbs

infinitivepast simplepast participleespañol
agree agreed agreed estar de acuerdo
arrive arrived arrived llegar
ask for asked for asked for pedir
believe believed believed creer
bounce bounced bounced botar
begin began begun empezar
break broke broken romper
burn burnt burnt quemar
fall (over) fell (over) fallen (over) caerse
feel felt felt sentir

Part 3: Interview

Write an interview up to question 12.

Part 4: Activity book

Complete the exercises in your activity book upto the same exercise as your pupil's book.

Part 5: Teacher's homework

Homework that your teacher has assigned.