Academia Fran Cambridge English Language Exam Preperation Centre

Movers Homework (30 minutes)

Part 1: 10 New Words

bat : murciélagobottle : botella
fly : moscacup : taza
lion : leónpicnic : merienda / picnic
puppy : perritotea :
whale : ballenabowl : tazón / bol

Part 2: 10 New Verbs

infinitivepast simpleespañol
bring brought traer
buy bought comprar
catch caught coger
dream dreamt soñar
get dressed got dressed vestirse
call called llamar
carry carried llevar / transportar
climb climbed trepar
cook cooked cocinar
cry cried llorar

Part 3: Interview

Write an interview up to question 8.

Part 4: Activity book

Complete the exercises in your activity book up to the same exercise as your pupil's book.

Part 5: Teacher's homework

Homework that your teacher has assigned.