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FCE Sentence Transformations

1: School prizes are given out at the end of each year. (PLACE)2: John went to the cinema by himself yesterday afternoon. (OWN)3: The start of the second race was delayed because the first race finished late. (CAUSED)4: It is six months since Richard went to the barber's for a haircut. (HAD)5: My brother didn't use to be so confident. (THAN)6: Marta's dad told her yesterday that she could visit her friend after school. (ALLOWED)7: Kate regrets missing the concert. (WISHES)8: Hannah was happy to lend Lin a jacket. (MIND)9: "Tim, you left the fridge door open!" said Sarah. (ACCUSED)10: Thai people know that the monkeys are a huge tourist attraction. (BE)11: People expect tourists to carry sticks to protect themselves from curious monkeys. (ARE)12: I don't think John has got his father's musical talent. (AFTER)13: Julia can sing better than me. (WELL)14: A fast food chain has taken over two of our local restaurants. (BY)15: Nearly all the shops in this town are expensive. (HARDLY)16: It's ages since I've seen him. (NOT)17: I think I forgot to lock the door. (REMEMBER)18: My brother often arrives unexpectedly. (TURNING)19: We're going to camp whether or not it's raining. (EVEN)20: He'll be there at six unless he's held up at work. (PROVIDED)21: I'm unsure if I should invite Rob to the gig. (NOT)22: There were so many people at the station that I couldn't find my friend. (SUCH)23: "I'm really sorry I broke your camera, Mum", Ellie said. (APOLOGISED)24: "Why don't we go camping in Greece?" said Micky. (SUGGESTED)25: "You shouldn't swim here," the instructor told us. (WARNED)26: I'd strongly advise you not to get a dog just yet. (IF)27: You mustn't cycle without wearing a helmet. (ALLOWED)28: Someone had already called the police so it wasn't necessary for you to call them. (NEED)29: My parents would prefer me not to travel alone. (RATHER)30: My grandfather would love to do extreme sports but he's too old. (WISHES)31: "Don't forget to text me when you arrive," Jake's mother said. (REMINDED)32: Carlos Sainz couldn't finish the race. (MANAGE)33: You must do exactly what the manager tells you. (CARRY)34: Marcella left home very early because she wanted to be sure of catching the train. (ORDER)35: You must show your student card as you enter the library. (REQUIRED)36: On arriving at the airport, I usually go straight to the check-in desk. (SOON)37: Patrick hadn't heard from his uncle in Australia for over 5 years. (MORE)38: On business trips, I prefer driving home to staying in a hotel overnight. (RATHER)39: Jack found it difficult to control his skis on the steep slope. (UNDER)40: They said the fashion model was discovered by her agent while working at a restaurant. (SAID)41: Such success has not been achieved by many players in the world of ice hockey. (FEW)42: A very friendly taxi driver drove us into town. (DRIVEN)43: My views on this subject are exactly the same as yours. (DIFFERENCE)44: Sara knew that her brother had to leave by 5 o'clock. (NECESSARY)45: "What's the height of that mountain?" Lee asked his father. (HIGH)46: The secretary said that they had run out of paper for the photocopier. (LEFT)47: I wished I'd done more to help. (HAVING)48: They will be selling tickets for the concert during the lunch hour. (SALE)49: We played tennis despite the cold weather. (EVEN)50: The manager had the respect of everyone in the office. (UP)51: I regret not contacting Brian when I was in Dublin. (TOUCH)52: In my opinion, these two kinds of music are completely different from each other. (COMPARISON)53: I don't know why Sarah left the party so suddenly. (MADE)54: Could you look after my cat while I'm away on holiday? (CARE)55: We discussed the problem but nobody has a solution. (CAME)56: Claire was not allowed to stay out late when she lived at home with her parents. (LET)57: I arrived late because I missed the 10.30 train. (TURNED)58: Floods meant rescue workers could not get through to the village. (PREVENTED)59: Today's meeting is postponed and it will be held next week. (PUT)60: According to the report, the driver of the car was a policeman. (BEING)61: Nobody spoke for about five minutes. (BEFORE)62: Mr Johnson continued to get up at 6.30 even after he retired. (CARRIED)63: I prefer eating sandwiches to a cooked lunch. (RATHER)64: "I'm sorry I behaved so badly," said George. (APOLOGISED)65: There's no chance of Jenny getting here on time. (POSSIBLE)66: "We really don't need to leave early," said Elena. (POINT)67: I think Robert is too young to look after his brother. (CARE)68: Tomas put up a fence so that people didn't walk on his garden. (PREVENT)69: The twins are eager to see their cousins again in the summer. (LOOKING)70: The last time Enrico saw Gloria was the day they left school. (SEEN)71: Luckily, we had enough glasses at the party. (RUN)72: Nicholas finally managed to get his new mobile phone to work. (SUCCEEDED)73: You did not take enough care over your homework last week. (OUGHT)74: Reuben is the only person to have won the championship three times running. (NOBODY)

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