Academia Fran Cambridge English Language Exam Preperation Centre

Starters Homework (25 minutes)

Part 1: 10 New Words

snake : serpientehat : sombrero
lizard : lagartodress : vestido
tail : colajacket : chaqueta
duck : patoskirt : falda
spider : arañasock : calcetín

Part 2: 10 New Verbs

add : sumardo : hacer
enjoy : disfrutargive : dar
smile : sonreirhold : sostener
try : intentarsay : decir
want : quererfind : encontrar

Part 3: Starters Interview

Write an interview:

  1. Hello, how are you?
    I’m fine thanks.
  2. What’s your name?
    My name is Fran.
    What’s your father’s name?
    His name is Antonio.
    What’s your mother’s name?
    Her name is Amalia..
  3. How old are you?
    I’m six years old.
    How old is your brother?
    He is four.
  4. Where are you from?
    I’m from Granada.
    Where is your cousin from?
    He is from Jaen.
  5. Can you swim?
    Yes, I can.
    Can your father speak English?
    Yes, a little.
  6. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
    Yes, I’ve got one brother but I haven’t got any sisters.
  7. How many animals are there in your house?
    There are two dogs and there is one cat.
  8. Do you like animals?
    Yes, I do.