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Notification of Cambridge ESOL Exam Fees and Dates for 2021.

Notification of Cambridge ESOL Exam Fees and Dates for 2021.
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Notification of Cambridge ESOL Exam Dates and Fees for 2021


Level Written Exam Oral Exam Price Period of Inscription
KET for Schools Sat 26th June: 18.00-20.00 Sat 26th June: 13.00-16.00  100 € Mon19th - Fri 23th April 
PET for Schools Sat 26th June: 15.30-18.00 Sat 26th  June: 09.00-12.00 110 € Mon19th - Fri 23th April 
FCE for schools Sat 26th June: 08.30-14.00  Sun 13th June: 09.00-17.00  195 € Mon19th - Fri 23th April 
CAE Sat 19th June: 09.00-13.15  Sat 19th June: 14.15-20.00 215 € Mon12th - Fri 16th April
CPE Sat 19th June: 09.00-13.00 Sat 12th June: 09.00-12.15 220 € Mon12th - Fri 16th April
YLE Starters Wed 23th June: 09.00-09.50  Wed 23th June: 10.00-11.00  62 € Wed 29th - Fri 31st March
YLE Movers Wed 23th June: 09.00-10.10 Wed 23th June: 10.30-11.50  67 € Wed 29th - Fri 31st March
YLE Flyers Wed 23th June: 10.30- 11.50 Wed 23th June: 12.00-13.40  75 € Wed 29th - Fri 31st March

*This date is subject to change, depending on candidate numbers.

Matrículas are to be paid into Caixabank Nº: ES62 2100 0056 1102 0148 3164. In Concepto, please write your full name, the name of the exam you are taking (KET for Schools, for example) and Academia Fran. Beneficiario: Ac.Britannia Centro.

PET and KET for Schools are exams which are specifically designed for school age children (up to 18) - as their name suggests. This means that adults will not be accepted for entry in these exams. There will be a small provision for adults who wish to do Standard PET or KET, based on a minimum entry requirement.

  • These exams are the same level as the standard exams but students tend to do better at them as they are specifically designed for their age group.
  • Current textbooks can be used to prepare students for these exams, but students must practise with the relevant PET/KET for Schools past papers.
  • The certificate awarded reflects the level, not the exam taken, i.e. it does not specify if the exam taken was PET or PET for Schools.

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